Waiting Wishing

I wish i knew when i press send,
That you would reply from the other end.
I wish for every letter or two,
I’d hear back even just a hello from you.
I wish every morning and day,
I’d know u thought of me in some way.
I wish u didn’t think it’s enough to know,
And that for me atleast you’ll try n show.
I wish you weren’t so far away,
And my nights weren’t your days.
I wish I heard from you,
A little more than I love u.
I wish you understood just how much it meant,
To hear from you as all the nights I spent,
Checking my phone so frequently,
I wish you knew what it means to me.
But I guess you don’t,
And maybe I won’t,
Wish so much for you to say.
I’ll just wait for the day,
When u can’t sleep without me at night,
And I can have you in my sight.
To make all my wishes come true,
So good night my darling, I love you.
I’ll end by saying I hope you’re sleeping tight,
As I still wait for your call to say good night!



  1. 🙂 Looks like you’re writing on the same subject. The thread of pain traverses clear. You’ve got friends all around. You just have to see. AND choose the RIGHT ones. Else, love them for who they are. Isn’t that what friends are for?

  2. True that, Shweta! But you can’t deny your words gave you away 🙂 I’m not arguing. Keep writing. Helps 🙂 Love

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