No more good byes.

It’s easy all day I laugh and I talk,

But when the night creeps in,
Lonely is the path I walk.
I sit in bed waiting for sleep,
Thinking all the sad thoughts,
Making me weep,
I know it will be alright,
It has to I repeat,
But until then there is a tough fight.
I let myself go and then I pick me,
Sometimes I wish to disappear,
All I want is to be free.
I pray and I talk to myself,
Hoping to feel better,
But in self pity I dwell.
I want to live and love all my life,
But sometimes I wish I was no more,
My life is getting sliced by sadness’s knife.
Take me away fly me far,
I don’t wanna be here anymore,
Love me tender and heal my scars.
I want to never wake up if it’s like today,
I hope I escape in my dreams,
As behind my body may lay.
I need a friend I need a shoulder,
Love that lasts forever,
Kisses that warm my soul as it gets colder.
I know I have a lot of love inside,
I’m waiting to give it all away,
It may not be overflowing but it’s still not dried.
I need you now and I need your hand,
To take mine and lead me out,
I’m looking for you to take a stand.
I know it’s my pain and I must live through,
You never gave me anything so bad,
But I’m hoping you will help me through.
Before I fall into the emptiness
Hold me close,
All I need is your hug and caress.
I haven’t slept in a week since I last saw you,
Nothing feels as good right now,
Only you it’s true.
So come tonight as I close my eyes,
Let’s go as far away,
As the stars shine and we’ll never say goodbyes!


  1. This is everyone’s wish, sometime or the other. Very honest. But you know what, forget the self pity! Want it, go for it. It might be waiting for you. You never know 😉

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