Hometown Winter Sun.

Can feel the winter slowly coming closer,

The evenings come sooner and the days get over,

The blanket warms up just perfect to dream,

A cup of tea looks complete with the steam,


Winter’s here and it’s my favorite season,

The many childhood memories could be the reason,

Or maybe it’s just the kiss of chilly breeze I like on my face,

I maybe anywhere but this weather takes me back to a place,


The place when I cycled my way back home,

Smiling to myself  happy in my thoughts alone,

Back to my hometown when I was a child,

Not knowing how those days would be so hard to find,


But everything comes back when the winter’s here,

It brings much more than the weather every year,

The fogs I loved and wondered much about,

The gazing at Orion with amusement throughout


I love winters for more reasons than one,

No matter where I am it’s the winter sun,

That takes me home to the place I belong,

It just hums the tune to my favorite song.


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