Music in words.

Her tender feet moved quickly as she went down from the steps,

As she hurried, her long white dress flowed behind her,

The floor was cold so her toes; they curled,

Her steps avoided the wet floor.

It had just stopped raining and the air was clean and all the dust settled,

The valley looked like what hope would.

She stood on the fresh moist grass feeling the cool breeze looking out,

She smiled like an angel at the clouds,

And the clear blue sky responded back with a rainbow.

She took a deep breath of peace and rhythm that only someone as calm as her could.

The breeze hugged her tender body and she let the direction of the wind sway her,

She was now in a  moment of the dance of the universe,

And in that moment all the elements came to be as one.

She wasn’t standing there nor were the trees on the ground anymore,

The clouds and the water in the lake was just not what it always was,

Everything was one.

Just like a simple note, it wasnt possible to break it down further,

It was beautiful and complete.

Nobody could count what went in it, because it was everywhere.

Everything was in it and nothing was left out.

Either this was a dream of just one angel,

Or all the dreams anyone ever had in one place,

Creating a universe made of one simple thing – beauty.



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