I love.

I love love.
I love girls’ giggles. I love surprises. I love pet names. I love sunrises. I love sunsets. I love tears of joy. I love memories. I love babies.
I love breakfast. I love evening tea when it’s raining outside. I love rainbows. I love birds. I love animals. I love thinking. I love dreaming. I love talking.
I love discounts. I love prizes. I love the stage. I love the applause. I love to laugh. I love to play. I love little bratty boys talking bout their crushes. I love little girls’ little-little shoes. I love new mommies. I love pregnant couples. I love people in love. I love mothers’ worries. I love dad’s jokes. I love annoying family get together (after a couple of yer though!) I love happy pictures.
I love reading what can make you cry. I love reading what can make you laugh. I love bitching about film stars. I love eating at the dining table. I love setting the table for him. I love candles and romance. I love gazing at the mysterious skies. I love believing. I love faith. I love God.
I love being alone. I love being around. I love to just be. I love to just go. I love to wonder. I love to imagine. I love to know. I love to grow. I love to be loved.
I love love.



  1. I love this post (I’m sure you know why) 😀 so I clicked the “Like” button. haha.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog – I visited your Blogspot one too ^_^

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