Family secret.

So here I am, carefully selected theme, name, settings, updated profile check check check. Now what’s left to do? Write of course!! Well so what was I thinking? Since it’s my first post it has to be something that I really thought as a child.

Here’s a thought I remember having as far as I can remember myself. “My parents are not my parents” Now this may not sound very alarming (though believe me if my parents ever read they would be wondering what a psycho they brought onto the planet). But the fact is; that’s what I really thought. The second part to this would be “I am here on a secret mission” By here I mean – Earth. Alrite so you might wonder what’s a 4 maybe 5-year-old getting all this from? I assure you while I was growing up I had no Sci-fi to influence me. The national television showed nothing more that few hours of Bollywood songs and some epic soaps on Hindu mythology for a weekend treat. Hence this is nothing but Pure 100% Absolute imagination.

So if I wasn’t from here, where did I come from? My answer I believed was – The Stars. Well here it goes, I believed I was a star kid.  The stars were my parents (real parents) and there was something on Earth that “my family” needed. So, I was picked to come here, be born in my earth family and grow here to get “that answer” one day and return.

The story doesn’t end here. What did I do to prove this? I reported every night after my family went to sleep and talk in private to the stars. I would stay awake and wait. Then sneak out to the balcony and tell them all that happened. You see when you are a secret agent every bit of information is critical, and we are talking galaxies here.

Now the best part, how did I stop believing? The day I realised that unless a cousin or a relative comes down from my native galaxy there’s no way I’m going to find out anything. The marks I got in Physics or Maths in my 12th board exams crashed all my hopes of ever catching that rocket and getting home. So what did I do? Still reported but told them the long distance isn’t really working.

My earth parents have no clue about this. And I don’t think I’ll ever tell them. Although having a star kid in the family might be a matter of honour but they might take offence of me reporting all that was going on all these years.

So here I am, wondering what made me think what I did? Not just that wondering if it could really be possible? Didn’t I tell you, I still report every night. 😉



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